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What is an AGM battery?(Title)

AGM is the abbreviation for Absorption Glass Mat, a modern technology in battery manufacturing where the acid is better and faster absorbed by the lead plates of the battery.

A thin fiberglass blanket immobilizes the acid between them.

Absorbent fiberglass-based separators are used, a material that has a consistency similar to fleece. When assembling the battery and adding the liquid electrolyte, it is absorbed by the AGM fiber which acts like a sponge.

Like the gel battery, AGM batteries will not leak liquid in case of rupture, this technology also has the advantage that the battery can be installed lying down.

Main characteristics of AGM batteries

-Higher active mass efficiency due to better acid absorption

-Longer life due to minimal shedding of active material due to battery design

-Higher cold start values

-Maintenance free: zero water consumption

-Spill and Leak Proof

-Designed to meet the latest vehicle demands required by the original manufacturer

-Compatible with sensitive electronic equipment

Today, AGM technology is standard on many high-end vehicles and stop-start vehicles where the high performance of AGM batteries is required.

Differences between liquid acid battery and AGM acid battery

Under normal operating conditions, the internal design of AGM batteries ensures that gas recombination takes place and ensures that there is no loss of water, thus avoiding the need for electrolyte reserves and freeing the user from having to perform of maintenance.

The one-way ventilation system offers a partial pressure in each of the cells, which guarantees total sealing and safe handling.

The absorption of fiberglass acid means that battery packs can operate at higher pressures than liquid electrolyte batteries, offering benefits such as significantly extending the battery's cycling endurance by reducing the shedding of Pasta.

Increased AGM battery pack pressures increase the vibration resistance of the batteries.

The larger reaction surface area ensures higher starting capacity in the same size as conventional wet electrolyte batteries.

In summary:

·AGM maintenance-free batteries

·Greater efficiency

·Higher performance

·Better cold start

·Spill and Leak Proof

·They can go lying down

·Compatible with sensitive electronic equipment

·High performance in vehicles with Start-Stop system

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