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Play your favorite online casino games like slot, baccarat, roulette and many more only here in the best website to play online betting in philippines, the ggplay. However the passage towards online wagering was not always smooth for the residents of the Philippines. Until 2012, the sole those who could wager online in the Philippines were tourists who visited the Cagayan area. This all changed when the Filipino Court of Appeals online casino decided that no legislation in the Presidential Act bans residents of the nation from wagering online, allowing offshore casinos to offer their services to Filipinos for the first time ever. The exception to the rule could be the Cagayan area, which still operates under their very own legislation that bans their citizens from wagering online. Unlike online casino betting, sports betting is down to the performance of a specific sports team or team member, not a chance. As you can have no direct impact on the end result of a sporting event, you can research the team or performer involved and make an informed bet based on your own research.


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