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How to Change the Graphics Settings in PCSX2

The wide variety of graphic settings available when starting PS2 games on your PC is one of the nicest features. While there are a number of optional third-party PCSX2 graphics plugins, the stock GS plugin does a good job of enhancing your game's overall quality.

Go to Config > Plugin/BIOS Selector and choose Plugins from the choices to view the PCSX2 plugins settings. You may adjust the settings for each plugin the emulator uses on the component selection page. These plugin settings can initially appear overpowering, but they are simple to setup and you can easily go back if you don't like the modifications.

You can even play certain PS2 games on PCSX2 in 4K with a lot of tinkering.

Additional Emulators to Consider

It was a great time for the PlayStation 2. Innovative gameplay, compelling narratives, stunning visuals, and even multiplayer experiences can be found in PS2 titles. The finest PlayStation 2 RPGs should definitely be played again right now.

But there are other consoles worth mimicking than the PS2. Except for the newest hardware, comparable projects are accessible for practically all of the popular consoles. The top Nintendo 64 emulators are included below, along with instructions on how to simulate a Commodore Amiga on a PC.

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How to Change the Graphics Settings in PCSX2

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